Perfect Spring Activity – Get CPR Certified!

Cardiac arrests are more common that most people assume, and they can happen at anytime and any place, including public or private pools due to drowning. There are approximately 383,000 cardiac arrests each year, and 88% of them happen at home. Why risk being ill prepared if a tragic accident happened to someone right in front of your eyes?

Effective bystander, hands-only, CPR provided immediately after a sudden cardiac arrest can triple a victim’s chance of survival. Hands-only CPR (CPR with chest compressions) has been proven to be as effective as CPR with breaths in treating cardiac arrest victims.

The long and cold winter provides a perfect opportunity for families and friends to become CPR-certified together.

The American Heart Association provides an excellent CPR training resources, which you can view here. Additionally, here is a list of organizations in the Twin Cities that offer CPR training courses: